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Corporate Mindfulness Masterclass

Your employees have never been under MORE stress! One of the main keys to having happy/ productive employees is mind-body care. They need resources and powerful tools that help them be calm and present while interacting with customers and fellow employees. While your employees are working at home (or at the office) I offer tools and daily practices to help keep their spirits up and their minds focused.  With over ten years of meditation practice, and thousands of hours of entraining minds, I can help your employees find consistent inner peace and calm. My 30-Day Masterclass program is specifically designed to cater to the stresses found in the corporate world. 

Hypnotic Programming- Custom Recording

This is the gift that just keeps on giving.  During this 90 minute session we explore sub-conscious blocks that come in the form of fears and negative stories about oneself. These stories inhibit  a persons ability to live at a level of mental mastery and often re-enforce patterns of self sabotage and defeat. What was created through repetition can be undone through repetition.  This is why I call this 'the gift that just keeps on giving.' In a single session I work hand in hand with you in creating and recording powerful suggestions that speak to your deep inner mind directly. Many of my clients have seen tremendous success in weight loss, breaking down financial barriers, increasing self esteem, improving motivation, sleeping better and much more through the power of this simple and incredibly relaxing practice.

Eye Movement Therapy

This seemingly simple therapy can be a very powerful healing tool, especially in conjunction with Hypnosis. Eye Movement Therapy is often used during a clients first session just prior to hypnosis.  More and more therapists, healers, and life coaches are utilizing various forms of eye movement to provide rapid relief from troubling thoughts,  negative beliefs and traumas . This form of Eye Movement Therapy stems from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the studies of Dr. Richard Bandler. In my practice, I utilize slow hand movements to access various trigger points or "cues" that are believed to be linked to memories and certain emotional states of being. These gentle eye movement patterns coincide with language patterns which are used to guide the clients mind into states of peace, surrender and often euphoric feelings and sensations.

Reduce Stress with Hypnosis

Stress is most often caused by perceived pressures upon a persons time, energy, or resources. I say 'perceived' because the mind  interprets these pressures differently..  In fact, we all  respond to stimuli from the outside world differently. Thus, finding healthy ways to cope with stress is imperative for the well being of the individual.

We live in a day and age, where the hustle and bustle of life, the demands of work, and the inundation of digital technologies can leave a mind feeling overwhelmed and un-rested even after a good nights sleep.  More and more scientists, psychologists, and people of every walk of life are turning to the ancient ways.  Even in many hospitals and schools in the west, we are starting to find meditation rooms springing up.  As wonderful as this movement is, my most common complaint from clients is that they simply cannot quiet their mind to reap the benefits of a quality meditative experience.

This is where Hypnosis comes in. It offers virtually all of the same physiological and psychological health benefits as meditation but without requiring you to hold a Lotus position for an hour.  A willing mind can be guided into deep and profound states of consciousness in a fraction of a time it takes most to really get settled into meditation. In these soothing states of mind, the bodies nervous system relaxes. The body literally moves into a state of rest and digest.  Some of my clients even describe it as the most relaxed they have ever felt. 

Healing Past Trauma

Past trauma, no matter how big or small, impacts our every day lives more than we can see on the surface. Hypnosis can get to the root of the problem and help you on your journey to healing.  It first begins with uncovering techniques that I utilize, that being: Hypnotic Regression or Holotropic Breathwork.


Each of these tools are used to elicit core emotions, thus providing a bridge to memories either suppressed (consciously) or repressed (unconsciously). You may be wondering, now why would we want to do that? Well, you see, what you bury doesn't just go away. Past experiences, especially intensely emotional past experiences (or ongoing negative relationships) leave a lasting imprint that will most likely affect how you perceive yourself and your relationship to the world around you. In other words, you carry your un-healed past with you.


No matter how much you deny it, suppress it, abandon or reject it. These imprints remain embedded in your psyche and energetic field. This of course can change. I believe, it was meant to change. These processes offer a powerful means of doing just that; uncovering and healing your un-healed past.

Hypnosis for Eating Healthier, Healthy Body Image, and Motivation to Succeed

I recently read a national article about a woman who underwent a drastic weight loss surgery. After the surgery, she lost the weight she was hoping to lose, but was so disappointed that her self-image did not change. She still felt that she was “ugly” “unattractive” and “overweight.” As a result of the surgery she removed the excess weight, altering her physical appearance. But, nothing was done to alter her mental/emotional mind, perhaps, the very reason she put on the weight in the first place.  In my office, when working with someone that wants to lose weight, we utilize powerful hypnotic suggestions such as:  “You are now losing weight and feeling great…” But hypnotic programming is just the beginning.


 Beyond mental programming lies the deeper work. Hypnotic Regression, Breathwork, Parts Therapy, Eye Movement Therapy, NLP, and other similar processes provide the ability to restore the mind to a new image of it's physical self and new beliefs about what is possible. My client often describe attaining a new and far more enlightening perspective of themselves as a result of the work done in my office, beyond just weight loss alone.

Healing with Forgiveness

What is more beautiful than a forgiving heart? What personal qualities are more attractive than a person who does not carry their past with them but lives in the present looking upon all situations for the first time. Quite honestly, what is more worth cultivating within your own psyche than the constant practice of releasing oneself or others from debilitating and punitive judgments. 

In my practice, the most troubled clients that I work with are crippled from their unwillingness to forgive. They often lament within their dramas, repeating the same cycles and patterns from one relationship to the next. They don't sleep restfully at night, they often hate the holidays and yet they remain rigid in their belief that have they have been harmed- therefore- their judgments are fully justified. They seem to manifest all kinds of mental and physical issues, and just cannot seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Yet, the light remains, whether they choose to see it or not.  That light is the freedom and incredible peace that comes from a mind that has developed the ability to find the light of forgiveness even with the darkest cave of judgment. Forgiveness (personally) is something I have spent more time learning, cultivating, and practicing,  more than any other discipline.  These efforts of awakening the forgiving heart have sincerely paid me back in personal happiness, peace and contentment a hundred times over. 


Hypnotherapy can help you find, receive and give forgiveness for any past or current life situation. That is, if you are  willing. 

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Smoking is just one of those things that Hypnosis is known to work for- and quite notoriously well. There are a number of processes that I utilize in guiding a client's mind into full realization of the destructive nature of cigarette smoking. Some sessions are fully uplifting and serene, and quite honestly some require looking at the reality of what is occurring each time a person lights up. Not only what is occurring within the body, but also what lessons are being taught to loved ones about how to cope with the stresses of life. Although I tend to follow a protocol, ultimately, each session is intuited differently and custom tailored to the needs of the client. 

Heal Relationships

Spouse, parent, friend, child, sibling, all relationships can use healing. All inter-personal relationships necessitate love for them to flourish.  This of course can be done through quality time, gifts, and other forms of affection. But, what does a person do when these physical acts and demonstrations are not enough or are not received as one would hope?

All true healing begins with the mind.  The dramas that were set forth in the mind and continue to loop through the mind can be accessed and healed without requiring the other party/parties to show up for you in the way you would expect. When I was in hypnotherapy school I was astonished at what could be negotiated and healed within the context of my own mind. Certain formulas for forgiveness and compassion are woven throughout most of my sessions and are integrated through verbal dialogues and other transformative processes.

Sleep Better with Hypnosis

Present day studies show that over  nine million Americans are currently using prescription sleeping medications to combat their sleeping problems.


According to a government study approximately ten percent of the population suffers from chronic insomnia, which can lead to a worsening of a range of diseases and conditions, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. It's worth noting that  most sleeping pills are sedative hypnotics, which is a specific class of drugs used to induce and/or maintain sleep. If only these nine million Americans knew they could achieve (in my opinion) the same quality of sleep naturally, without all of the side effects- or the cost! If they were just aware that they could hold onto the hypnotics and forget the sedative.


 There are certain depths of trance that can relax you so deeply, you will find that you have no desire to think or move a muscle. In your personal session, you can request a custom, hypnotic recording to listen to each night to help you fall asleep faster and much deeper.

Perhaps, even better I can assist you in finding peace within yourself, by forgiving and releasing  bad memories and relationship experiences. This is the best kind of sleep. Sleep that comes from the peaceful feelings of having a healed mind, and a healed heart. Personally, that is where I want to get my restful night of sleep,  not just from a pill that often hides underlying  mental or emotional turmoil.

Stop Bed-wetting with Hypnosis

According to many eastern medicine traditions, all negative physical manifestations and symptoms have their link to emotions and subtle energy streams that are blocked or out of balance. In the west, we are progressively recognizing the mind/body interaction and are more fully recognizing the effects of stress upon the nervous system and the immune system.


Bed wetting in children, adolescents, and adults is a common problem that can create tremendous amounts of frustration and can even greatly hurt a persons self esteem. With hypnotherapy, we are often linking a persons emotions to the symptom being experienced.  For example, I may ask, "How do you feel about your Ulcerative Collitis?" Client, "Oh, it just makes me so angry and so stressed!" In eastern medicine, we look closer at the underlying emotions. Is it the Ulcers that are creating the stress and anger... or is it the stress and anger that is creating the Ulcers? This approach is especially applicable to the issue of Bed-Wetting.


The vast majority of my clients who do tend to wet the bed describe underlying feelings of being out of control or unsafe. Therefore, as a hypnotherapist my duty is to help the client uncover where those feelings are coming from, acknowledge them, and then convince their sub-conscious (or emotional mind) that things are different now. That they are know able to create within themselves feelings of safety and of being in control. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective tool for this condition and often once a client regains that control simultaneously their confidence is boosted and they discover first-hand how powerful their minds' truly are.

Tired of being Angry?

Hypnosis can help get to the root of your anger, and help you heal from the inside out. As we know in Psychology, anger is a secondary emotion. Originally, it did not start out as anger. As children we didn't choose anger as the initial reactive emotion to situations. Under the emotional layer of anger, their is always fear, and below that-at the very core- you will find hurt. When a person experiences enough hurt they learn to become afraid of that feeling, and sure enough, with enough fear, eventually the walls of anger are erected.


Anger deceives the mind into thinking that it will offer the person safety and protection. Of course this and all blockages to love and forgiveness are inhibiting and often manifest destructively within a person's relationships. Certainly, there are times when anger can help create a needed boundary, but, anger drawn-out over long periods of time counteracts any and all desires for a fulfilled life. For how can a person be 'ful-filled,' or 'filled-full' if they are filled-full of anger opposed to love? 


In hypnosis, a willing mind can be drawn into accessing and channeling that anger towards it's originating source through a process known as a cathartic emotional release.  When experienced fully -through this process- many of my clients describe feeling like a huge weight has been lifted and a wonderful shift has occurred. Wherever you are on your path in life -if anger is your companion- I would suggest analyzing it's benefits vs. it's drawbacks and I am sure you will find it no longer serves you.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you connect on a deeper spiritual level, no matter your religious beliefs. In the Bible it says, "Be still and know that I am God." Yet, most of us (especially in this world) have lost touch with that stillness, and often have lost touch with that knowing. Regardless of what we have told ourselves about our worthiness or our worth, that stillness remains. That loving connection remains. Waiting to be unlocked by one who is willing to use the key of desire to open that gateway found within a quiet mind and an open heart.

Hypnotherapy, parallels meditation to some degree, and like meditation, transcendent states of consciousness can be accessed through deep mental /physical relaxation. The idea that not only are we contained within a conscious and sub-conscious mind but also a "Super-Conscious" mind is a concept not familiar to most, but one solid  journey into that "Higher Mind," will often leave a person in awe at the miraculous nature of the mind and spirit. Perhaps, the real miracle awaiting one's discovery is a  deep and intimate connection with the Divine, and the Divine found within all things.

Social Anxiety and Other Phobias

Tired of being scared? Do you recognize the extent in which your fears have limited your life, your dreams and your goals? Is your mind stuck on past events and relationships or do you find yourself constantly looming in the future? Anxiety is suppressed fear that may stem from the past  or may be projected from the past into the future. As all fear stems from negative perceptions, the human mind has incredible abilities to adapt and shift perception. Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming are two marvelous modalities that  can cause a disruption in fear-based mental programs. This is accomplished through changes in perception and by neutralizing negative associations through eye movement processes, visualizations, suggestions and other related techniques. 

Ultimately, fears can be released- this great news! The mind is malleable and far more negotiable than popular opinion would lead you to believe.  What has been done to the mind through fear can be undone.  If you are limited or crippled by your fears- know that there is hope! With a little desire and some efforts on your part hypnosis can guide you into neutralizing what is negatively charged within your psyche.

Speak with Your Higher Self

There's no more powerful way to gain a  true perspective on life than speaking to your higher self. The higher self or "True self" has been called many names within many traditions and spiritual/ religious practices. Ultimately, myself and many others often refer to it as the 'Voice for Love.' It represents the opposite of fear and all of the confusion and distraction that fear brings. When a person attunes them-self to this voice, this calm knowing, all the other voices of confusion naturally become weakened. With a proper guide and repetition this voice will offer a person the guiding light that they have been looking for. It becomes the voice that can heal all other voices. It speaks lovingly and navigates the mind forward into the direction of fearlessness and constant forgiveness, knowing that true peace can only be attained through the release of judgements. The "Voice for Love" speaks through a quiet mind and an open heart. Sometimes, we create obstacles to this voice and often sessions are geared towards releasing blockages that inhibit this creative flow.

Learn to Love Yourself Again

By giving we also learn to receive. There are many spiritual thought systems that deduce that a person can only receive love in direct proportion to the love in which they give themselves. Ouch, right? How loving are you to yourself? Do you speak to yourself -in the quiet of your own thoughts- the way you would want your best friend or loving partner to speak with you? Do you practice daily (or near daily) self-care through exercise, eating healthy, meditation, engaging in your favorite hobby? Or is your mind and body just a slave to the world and the needs of everyone else.


Quite frankly, self- love is a very misunderstood concept in this world, and so is love in general.


The world teaches that love has attachments, love controls, and love needs to express itself in ways that are very often, well, unloving. Just turn on the radio and you can observe how love is being taught and why love is so confused. Self love begins from the inside out. It begins with the soul, it begins with the inner child. It does not begin with the Ego, and the desires of the Ego to put on a certain image for the world.  This (in my opinion) is why so many of us are unhappy.  To flip over the same coin, to access the soul and ask it what it wants, is a great start to learning to love oneself.  To offer oneself a healthy, loving inner-dialogue is another way, and to forgive and embrace one's past is another. All of these life skills are taught directly to the sub-conscious mind within the sessions found in my practice.

Pain Management with Hypnosis

When in Hypnosis, there are levels of trance combined with certain language patterns that cause a person to feel little or no pain whatsoever. As pain is a communication device for the body, it is often wise to consult a Doctor as to whether the pain you are experiencing can be diminished without causing further issues.

Often clients, especially those who are well experienced with Hypnosis, find that their pain is eliminated during hypnosis and diminished throughout the day.  More and more people are using hypnosis to reduce symptoms, to relax the nervous system, to promote healing and to experience peace and comfort without costly and addictive drugs. With a well trained mind, through repetition, it is even possible to undergo surgery without an anesthetic. This is not recommended without very thorough training but is another marvel of the mind that can be appreciated and perhaps explored for the right person.


On a very practical level, women are using hypnosis to reduce comfort during pregnancy and delivery. I myself have used it for dental work, with a profound reduction of anxiety and discomfort (during a four hour procedure!)

Then, for those who live in constant pain, and have some time (even 20-30 minutes per day) a person could greatly improve their quality of life. The reality is, for those willing to dedicate some time and practice, hypnosis can be life changing.

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