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What clients are saying...

Kristi F. 

“Andrew has played an absolutely pivotal role in my healing journey. He is a gifted healer, utilizing hypnotherapy and many other powerful healing modalities.

What impresses me most about Andrew is the love he radiates. He is like a ball of radiant love!! He has a strong yet very gentle compassion. Within his space I know I am completely safe. I know I am honored. I am given a beautiful space to connect with my soul and my Divine and to commune with my subconscious where various energies have been stored through trauma and limiting beliefs and experiences. In our sessions I have had deep and long lasting PROFOUND shifts. He has guided me to more fully connect with my own Divine Essence and release blocks that have prevented me from full health, happiness and ultimately my soul’s highest expression.

I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew to anyone who is seeking more peace, fulfillment, health, wholeness and happiness in their lives. 

His unique skill-set and combination of wisdom, love, compassion,empathy and insight make him uniquely qualified to help anyone overcome their challenges and create a more wonderful life.

He is a true angel who has done his own difficult work and now desires to help others do the same. I will always love and honor him for the blessing he has been in my life!!!”

Colleen B.

Thank you to some work I did with you...I am happier and feel freedom as never before. My healing has affected my family also... You have been a huge blessing to my life. So thankful I was referred to you!

Kasia M. 

“I’m not sure my words can express how much Andrew has helped me over the past three months. Going for my first hypnosis session I was very curious but I also didn’t really know what to expect. After just one session I was filled with so much positive energy and I was amazed at how relaxing the whole session was.

After that I decided to come in and have a few more hypnotherapy sessions, hoping that Hypnotherapy could help me with extraordinary stressful events I have gone through that have shattered my sense of security. Not only has Andrew helped me to resolve old emotional trauma, he has helped me to stay focused, healthy, on track to achieve my goals and keep moving forward.

As a full time working mom of two, I never really take the time for myself to think deeply about whom I am and what I really want out of life. Andrew, through hypnosis has helped me dig deep into my soul and recover the person I once was. He helped me to understand my life on deepest level and has brought so much light into it.

I encourage you all to take the time to explore all that Andrew has to offer because he has a wonderful gift of helping you see what is normally hidden. He is extremely intuitive and perceptive, very supportive. I feel blessed to have found such an amazing, professional healer in Andrew.”

Keri C.

"What a great experience! He helped me in more ways than one. I came in for something fairly specific and came out with so much more! Andrew is extremely intuitive and for lack of a better word, magical! He truly has a gift and is the nicest person on top of it all. I listen to my recording every night and it's already made a huge difference for me. I would go to him everyday if I could. "


Kori W.

"Two different counselors and countless books couldn't help me get past the guilt and anxiety I felt after the death of my mom. Andrew Green was able to work through all the issues I had in a remarkably short period of time. He even allows people to record their sessions so we can listen over and over again to reinforce the work. I didn't feel like I was hearing things I already knew or anything I had read in books. I recommend him highly and refer anyone who I think could benefit from his work."

Heidi N. 

“I cannot even begin to tell you how talented Andrew Green is at what he does. Hypnotherapy was never something I would have considered for any of my problems, but I’m SO glad I did. I’ve battled depression and anxiety for a good chunk of my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever been this elated about my ability to overcome them. Today’s session was something I will cherish as THE turning point in my life, and I am so excited for the journey ahead. He is not only gifted, but a gift and a blessing. A million thank you’s could never be enough. I am indebted to you, Andrew. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!”

Cory R.


Hey Man – I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you! The work + energy that you put into your sessions is amazing

You have helped us out in so many ways! I look forward in progression more + learning about the great work that you do *

See ya soon!"

Analyssa P.

“Andrew is a beautiful soul giving an amazing gift to humanity. I respect him so much for his knowledge of hypnotherapy, skill in guided meditation, and strong sense of empathy and compassion. He warms my heart and clears the debris in my mind. Just walking into his office gives me a sense of inner peace. My energy is lifted up when I look back on our sessions and when I reflect on the life skills he taught me. Thank you, Andrew, for being an angel in my life."

Tina B. 

“Andrew I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing session today! Life changing for sure!! So grateful to get to know you and be able to share your amazing energy today!! All I can say is wow I am still processing how awesome it was! I had no idea it lasted 2 hours! And I will be wanting to book another session …SOON!! Love and light~~~”

Pauline F.

“Dear Andrew,

If you can believe it, I am in the parking lot of my new job waiting to start my first day.  I wouldn’t be here without you and I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the confidence and self worth that has changed since our first visit three months ago.

At first I wasn’t too sure how hypnotherapy would work, how could it bring me out of the depths of despair and feelings of being similar to the “cipher in the snow.”  But as I listened each night and visualized the things you were saying, I noticed changes as the months passed.

There is a part in the recording where you say to open your fingertips and let the negativity release and go in the past.  The visions were strong as I opened my fingertips and saw multitudes of black evil birds flying away over the ocean, congregating in one area in the distance and disappearing.  It was frightening at first to see how much negativity was held within me, but now as those words are said the darkness is gone and just individual events escape.  There is no fear or heaviness upon me as I let go the daily negativities.

Even as I drove into work today and remembered my last job and the negativities there and I know an evil power was trying to discourage me, but your words echoed in my mind to let them become the past.

I cannot tell you how clear my mind is.  How freeing it has been.  At first I was rather upset that you made me wake up in the morning happy.  It worked.  But I didn’t know what to do with myself.  How do I behave in a happy manner?  What is next?

I’m not fully healed, but I have a clear mind today as I prepare to enter the building.I will be back to visit you!

Again, thank you Andrew, I would not be here today without you!


Sincerely!  P.”

Heidi N.

“This is long, but I mean every word, and I think those of you who are simply on the fence about doing hypnotherapy for even the “small stuff” need to hear my story.

When I was first looking for options for treatment regarding depression and anxiety (in which I’ve struggled on and off with for years), I never imagined myself as the kind of person who would look to hypnotherapy for that kind of help. Luckily I came across Andrew Green’s hypnotherapy page, and lo and behold it was EXACTLY what I was looking for without even realizing it.

I had my reservations in the beginning about contacting him (would he make me cluck like a chicken?!), but after suffering a family tragedy and my parents divorce after 30 years of marriage as an adult with a kid of my own – all within months of each other… suddenly things began spiraling for me into a dark and scary place, and my best attempts could not pull me out of it.I had always been told that if you had a broken bone you can see a Dr about it, and if you have a broken heart/mind/body that won’t mend there is absolutely no shame in seeing a professional about it (therapy in my case). So I decided this was that time in my life where I needed additional help.

Andrew brought light and healing to me in ways that I had never thought were possible, he did so with compassion, professionalism, understanding, and a positive attitude. He is genuinely concerned for you and your goals. He has deep passion for what he is doing, and it shows. Even if you feel like only doing ONE session with him, you will NOT regret it. It is worth every dime and more.

He is reasonable, he is affordable, and I cannot begin to tell you how much brighter your future will be for investing in your best health TODAY. Not only am I ecstatic about my progress, but my family will be better for it – simply because I can be my best self now. I am looking forward to finishing our sessions and I highly recommend him to everyone I know. Be it a small thing, or large. There is absolutely no harm in giving it a try and keeping an open mind about the possibility of hypnotherapy to help enhance your life. Good luck, and God bless!

Hypnotherapy convert,

Heidi N.”

Matthew Brownstein 

“As the Executive Director of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, I can proudly endorse Mr. Andrew Green as a graduate and human being of the highest caliber. Andrew’s mastery of our core competencies in Hypnotherapy are exceptional and his natural abilities to relate to other people truly allows him to shine as a facilitator. I have the highest confidence that Andrew will only continue to thrive in anything that he does and recommend him without hesitation as a Hypnotherapist who graduated our school in a way that can only be called truly honorable. Andrew’s spirituality makes him a unique individual as he is open-minded and exceptionally understanding of other people’s models of the world and at the same time he is so deeply connected to his own path that he is able to hold true to the basics of any path as rooted in love, forgiveness, understanding and service to others. Andrew is a fine example of these many virtuous qualities and I once again would recommend him to anyone wishing to utilize his services without hesitation.

Matthew Brownstein, CHT CEO,

Anahat Education Group, Inc.

Executive Director,Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy

President, International Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists”

Melanie M. 

“Dear Andrew,

I am writing you to let you know what a profound impact our hypnotherapy sessions had on my life and well being. Your professional, kind and patient demeanor set the stage for comfortable and yet powerful sessions. I was able to release old subconscious beliefs and open up to new more healthy beliefs. I look forward to seeing new levels of success in my life. I thank you for that!

Sincerely, M. Williams”

Janelle H. 

“I have had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Andrew and I have seen wonderful success. I was suffering greatly from a past abusive relationship and along with a lack of self confidence, I was suffering from crippling anxiety. I was constantly dreaming about and dwelling on the damaging things that were done and said to me, and some days I couldn’t function. I approached Andrew, interested in exploring hypnotherapy as an avenue of healing. From my first session, I was made to feel comfortable and safe with Andrew, from the inviting environment to his calm, soothing voice. After each session I felt immediately calmed, and the healing continued long after the session was over. Andrew was great to answer any questions I had, even after the sessions were over, and was, and continues to be, genuinely concerned with my healing and being able to see the Godly potential I have within myself. 


Christine B. 

“I brought my then 9 year old son to see Andrew Green. He had never stopped bed-wetting, and he was experiencing quite a bit of frustration and embarrassment. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to do sleepovers, that he would never stop, and he wondered whether something might be wrong with him. We had tried rewards, limiting liquids before bedtime, and other tactics, but never shaming. Finally I was waking up three times a night to escort him to the bathroom and was still ending up with quite a bit of laundry and night-time bedding changes. Big problem! I could see that for him to resolve this problem would be one of the biggest markers of maturity and confidence for him in these years.

He wasn’t very excited about seeing a hypnotherapist like Andrew, but he agreed because we just didn’t know what to do. Andrew explained in very relatable terms what he does, that he wouldn’t control him or make him do or say things like those performer hypnotists that we had seen at the State Fair. I sat quietly with them so that he would know that I was there. He spent time asking my son about the problem and his experiences, as well as about his interests and other experiences. When my son felt uncertain about talking about things, Andrew reassured him that he could tell him, that he wouldn’t judge him, and even shared some anecdotes that helped him trust and continue. My son became antsy, moving around and seeming distracted, as though being that close to something so sensitive and important required a kinetic expression. Surprisingly this motion just stopped when he was brought into focus, hypnosis. His body was relaxed and still, and he was present and available in a way that I was not quite used to. 

My son has always been very honest. Still, I was deeply impressed by the honesty with which he was responding to Andrew’s questions and explorations of his experiences and his problems. He was asked directly why he was wetting, and he didn’t know, but thought that it would become clear (not the exact words), which was an incredibly honest and almost wise thing to hear. Although I had heard my son say similar things before, I was nearly brought to tears (and even now at the thought) to hear him say so simply the messages and beliefs that he was working with. He felt stupid, that he wasn’t as good as everyone else, that he was gross, that he didn’t have any friends and wanted them. I, as his mother, was completely stopped in myself. It wasn’t that I didn’t know, but I think I heard him more clearly and powerfully than ever before to hear him say these things when he was in such a state that his words were the truth of his experience. I knew that this was an incredibly important moment for me as a mother to hear my son.

The above had the hugest impact on me, but there were so many practical elements that contributed to the messages, narrative, and take-home recording that Andrew made for him to listen to every evening in bed. I was impressed with how exactly crafted were details that included games and language that my son used, the physical sensations that he had, imagery that my son had offered in exact detail. Even as attention was given to the specificity of the bed-wetting, the bigger messages about being as good as everyone else and being a good friend were what meant the most to me.

The session occurred 1-2 months before his birthday, and part of the messaging was that he would be finished by that birthday. Andrew warned that this might not be a linear progression, and it wasn’t. He wet his bed soon after, but, strangely, instead of looking disheartened, he inexplicably in that moment expressed how well he was doing. Wow! He listened to the recording in bed nightly for weeks afterwards, and maintained a positive attitude about it. And then, somehow, he did it. He finished bed-wetting by his birthday! He can get up from bed if he likes and drink a big glass of water with no worries!

The bigger motion that occurred after the session involved much more. I took him out of the school where he was unhappy and being bullied and vowed never to discount his experiences. We had many opportunities as a family to talk about how we communicate with each other, and we have been using more positive wording, more affirmation even in the midst of conflicts and limit-setting, and more attention to how our interactions feel. I wish that my entire family could have witnessed him because, knowing the messages that he was carrying inside of himself, there is no way that I could afterwards unconsciously allow those negative messages to be reinforced by my own behaviors. The awareness that we were given was a HUGE gift, and, being more aware, we can more freely act positively in our lives together. 

I was immensely grateful to Andrew for this entire experience. He was kind and empathetic and gentle, while still being direct. It is unusual to see someone who can be both very unintimidating, relatable, and direct. He did not recommend return visits due to my son’s young age, and he checked in to see how things had been going. I would have definitely facilitated my son coming more had Mr. Green recommended it, and I took his words as a mark of true honesty and care.

The experience has certainly seeded in my mind new awareness's, perceptions, and responses. I have begun to converse with others and my own self in a new way. I think that what Andrew Green practices and offers is something that is part of everyone’s experience and is of use to anyone, although I do not know many who are experienced and conversant in this knowledge. I cannot imagine living my life without giving attention to this practice, valuing the skill that Andrew Green has, and establishing a new relationship with both myself and others now made possible. I have not yet had a session myself, but often as I practice articulating my goals and problems, I imagine doing so as a powerful aid in that process.

Thanks, Andrew! A young boy and his family are going to grow together in a significantly healthier way with your well-placed help, and I will not forget.“

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